Hey, we're CardinalFOSS

We're a QHSS club for people who want to learn about code and collaborate on open-source projects!


What's foss?

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Simply put, FOSS is Free and Open Source Software.

You may be asking "What's open source?". 
Open Source software is a type of software licensing where anyone can come along, look at the source code, modify it and redistribute it.

What do we do?

Work on our own open-source projects

Our ideas for projects should achieve some sort of goal to benefit at least one community. They’ll aim to solve problems both big and small that people face.

Contribute to already existing projects

We’ll also contribute to already existing open source projects. Projects that we’d want to contribute to also include software that aims to solve problems. We want to make an impact on the open-source community.

Learn and collaborate with peers to grow our knowledge about technology

Nobody is perfect at programming, and our goal should be to constantly learn and improve ourselves. We’ll encourage helping and collaborating with peers along with collaborating with outside organizations.


Aaron Niyazov

Hey, I'm Aaron.
A bit about me: My interests include Linux, programming, Minecraft, and computers.

I've been programming for 7 months, and always had an interest in how computers work. I'm an aspiring software engineer/systems admin and hope to get a computer science degree.

I am very invested in open source projects and software, and want to provide people the means to use, understand, and work on open source projects themselves.

Jordan Krishnayah

Hey, I'm Jordan.
A bit about me: My interests include Minecraft, Video Editing, and most importantly, technology.

I'm a rising sophomore at QHSS.

I've been programming since I was around 6-7 and always had an interest in how computers work. I'm an aspiring software engineer and pursuing a computer science degree.

My goal is to inspire new people to get into the world of programming and open-source.

Website under progress

Hey, this website is still work-in-progress. Stay tuned for more updates!